CSC Services
The Common Services Centers Scheme envisages provisioning of the B2C services along with the G2C services. The SCA will have to integrate and coordinate with the various B2C Content providers. The entire responsibility for gathering the functional requirements of B2C services, development and deployment of the services rests with the SCA.

Commercial Services

The SCA would manage relationships with the SDA for provision of G2C Services through the CSCs. The SCA will also be required to interface with the other State Government Agencies and collaboratively work on improvement of services offered and introduction of new services from time to time. The SCA would also take the onus of collecting the already digitized data from various Government departments at Taluka / GP level, and upload the same on the central server. This would be critical to consolidate.

Government Services

B2C Services

“Mobile Phone”, a boon to mankind, no longer is a luxury item but instead has become a necessity in every ones life. It has emerged as a strongest technology to bridge digital divide between urban haves and rural have not. Government and private agencies have also started using “Mobile Phone” to deliver citizen and business services to common man. Within two decades of its launch in India, mobile phone has reached at remote rural hamlet despite the much known hurdles like lack of connectivity and electricity and low level of literacy. In the other side, it has created lakhs of direct and indirect job opportunities for youths. It has emerged as a delivery channel for different kind of services and now anyone can transfer amount from one bank account to another using their mobile phone. After the launch of 3G technologies in India users are able to access health, educational, agricultural, infotainment services on their mobile phone.

Services available regarding MOBILE RECHARGE are as under-

MOBILE PIN RECHARGE: - The mobile can be recharged by using Mobile PIN Recharge service that is provided at CSC Centres.

MOBILE e-RECHARGE:- Mobile e-Recharge service is also available at CSC centres.

DTH RECHARGE:- DTH Recharge service is also available.

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Services available regarding GODREJ CHOTU KOOL are as under-

CHOTU KOOL BOOKING: The service regarding booking of CHOTU KOOL REFRIGERATOR can also be availed. The address of delivery should be provided.


Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) has developed a water purification device under the brand name PUREIT Water Purifiers. It aims to protect households in rural areas from water borne diseases so that they can lead a healthy and productive life. Most water purification devices developed are not available in villages or if available cannot be delivered or and later serviced within villages. So, HUL aims at providing the service to each villager’s doorstep and with time.

Services available regarding HUL PURE It are as under-

PUREIT Water Purifier Booking: The service regarding booking of PUREIT Water Purifier Booking can be availed. The address of delivery should be provided. The Products available for booking are:

1. Classic
2. Compact
3. Classic (GB5K400)
4. Compact (GBDL100)

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Services available regarding Job Ex are as under-

Job Registration: Online applying for jobs are available with this service.
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Services available regarding INSURANCE are as under-

The insurance services are as under:-

1. Cattle Insurance
2. Motor Insurance
3. Future Kisan Suraksha
4. Personal Accident

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G2C Services

Payment of Electricity Bills

People in the rural areas can get the Electricity bills paid in the CSC centres itself.

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Services that are available in Land and Revenue are as under:

Sale of 8A Extracts: 8A Extract form is also available at CSC to facilitate the rural people. They can buy the form at Common Service Centers.

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The services that are provided are as under:

Employment Exchange Services: The services that can be availed are New Registration, Renewal, Updation and Contact Updation.The people of the rural areas can avail this services right at CSC centres.

Employment Exchange New Registration Details: This service provides with the new registration details. The transaction number needs to be provided and the details regarding that transaction number can be obtained.

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IRCTC TRAIN TICKET booking is available in Common Service Centre.
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Spread Life Insurance widely and in particular to the rural areas and to the socially and economically backward classes with a view to reaching all insurable persons in the country and providing them adequate financial cover against death at a reasonable cost.

Maximize mobilization of people's savings by making insurance-linked savings adequately attractive.

Bear in mind, in the investment of funds, the primary obligation to its policyholders, whose money it holds in trust, without losing sight of the interest of the community as a whole; the funds to be deployed to the best advantage of the investors as well as the community as a whole, keeping in view national priorities and obligations of attractive return.

Conduct business with utmost economy and with the full realization that the moneys belong to the policyholders.

Act as trustees of the insured public in their individual and collective capacities.

Meet the various life insurance needs of the community that would arise in the changing social and economic environment.

Involve all people working in the Corporation to the best of their capability in furthering the interests of the insured public by providing efficient service with courtesy.

Thus with these objectives LIC INSURANCE is being made available right at CSC centres.

Services that are made available at CSC centres are as under:

LIC INSURANCE: Payment of Insurance is made available for people of the rural areas right at CSC centres.

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Services available with Common Service Centres.


Issue of Birth Certificate: Birth Certificate is issued to every people to certify that his birth has been registered. People need birth certificates for various reasons, including as a proof of date of birth. CSC issues copies of birth certificates to the people on payment of certain amount, on people’s need basis.

Issue of Death Certificate: Death Certificate is issued to certify that the death of an individual has been registered. The peoples need death certificates for various reasons, including as a proof of date of death or even in property inheritance issues. CSCs issues copies of death certificates to the peoples on payment of certain amount, on the people’s need basis.

Issue of Income Certificate: Income Certificate is issued to citizen to certify that his income has been registered. CSC issues copies of income certificates to the peoples on payment of certain amount, on the peoples need basis. The peoples can get a income certificate issued through Common Service Centres.

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